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 June2013 Newsletter

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PostSubject: June2013 Newsletter   Tue May 28, 2013 11:29 am

June 2013 T-Twister Newsletter
Once again, I've missed a holiday, so these wishes will be late!! BUT, better late than never, as they say. To those of you who have served, or are serving currently, in our various military branches, and in our way to many wars, I just want to say... "Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!" I am so glad our military is now recognized as the HEROS they are, instead of the shameful way they were treated after Viet Nam. May God bless each and every one of you for your service to AMERICA, and keep you in His protective arms!!
Charles and Shirley, Johnny and Tammy are having a Memorial Day get away! Fredricksberg, here they come!! Shirley said she is really looking forward to getting away, and so is Charles. Tammy and Johnny have been so tied down with medical things, they really needed to put Lubbock behind them for awhile. I hope the weather co-operates for them, but I do hope they get a shower or two, not enough to ruin the weekend, but enough to be refreshing. And then, maybe, they'll bring some home with them!!
Dennis and Denise hosted a recent weekend burger cook out for the T-Twisters. Ed, Charles and Shirley, Jim and Carla, and Eddie Marin, along with his brother and a friend, all made the ride to San Angelo for the day. I heard the food was good, but the fellowship was GREAT!! I wish Al and I could have been there... Thanks for the relaxing day, D and D. People like this is what makes the T-Twisters a great Club!!
Ronnie, Charles and Ed rode over to Brownfield a couple of weekends ago to visit with Tom Webb. Ed reported that Tom was looking and feeling good, and in great spirits! That was wonderful to hear! It's been way too long since I've seen Tom, so it was nice to hear the good news.
Anyone remember Camp Wood ? Oh yeah!! Our Club camp out for June 13-16 is Camp Wood again, at our favorite Wes Cooksey Park! I am sooo excited, this is mine and Al's favorite place to go camping. We've already made our reservations, as have several more people from the Club. I don't care if we don't ride the hills, just sitting beside the water and watching everything that goes on, makes it the most relaxing weekend we can get. If you want to go and haven't made your reservations, you need to do so ASAP! Call me for the phone number if you don't have it.
"A psychology professor from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana reports that walking through doors can cause memory lapses. This happens because doorways serve as event boundaries and cause the brain to separate information. He explains that a decision made in one room is difficult to remember in the next room because it's been compartmentalized. He tested his theory on his students. Each time, subjects forgot more after walking through a doorway, or event boundary, which he says impedes their ability to retrieve thoughts or decisions made in the first room." Hummm, maybe I'm not crazy after all!!
If you have bought a brisket to donate for the brisket plate benefit sale, you need to bring them to the June general meeting at Casa Lopez. If you don't want to buy a brisket but want to help out, you can bring money for a brisket and give it to Gilbert. We still need several items donated...
Things that we still need: 200 styrafoam plates with lids; 300 small cake plates; 300 plastic wear with S & P and napkins;
4 cases Coke; 4 cases diet Coke; 4 cases Dr. Pepper; 100 bottles water ; tin foil and saran wrap
We will also have a cake sale, to be sold in a "price war" and 3-4 cakes that will be sold by the piece. So, cooks, please plan on helping out by making some of the "World Famous T-Twister Cakes". Brownies and cookies are OK also.
**********************************************************************************II'm going to close with this thought. Last week I was invited to attend a meeting at the ECISD Administration Building, to discuss recent pay raises within the transportation department. There were 25 drivers total at the meeting. As soon as the Superintendant seated himself, he was bombarded with complaints and gripes, ranging from why didn't everyone get a 3.00 raise to why don't we have the benefits a teacher gets? This poor man tried to explain things from the Administrations point of view, and after about thirty minutes of this he stood to leave. Having kept quiet up til then, I stood up and thanked him for the unexpected raises they had just given us, and reminded the drivers there that we had all benefited from it. Then and only then did the drivers quit complaining and express some thanks.
Is this how we treat God when He gives us unexpected blessings? Do we gripe and complain because we didn't get exactally what we wanted, instead of thanking Him for what He has given us? Sinful man deserves nothing from God, everything we get from Him is an undeserved blessing! Let's try thanking Him for His gifts to us, instead of griping about what we didn't get.
That's it! Ride safe and keep the shiny side up!
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June2013 Newsletter
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