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 May 2015 Newsletter

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PostSubject: May 2015 Newsletter   Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:02 am

May 2015 T-Twister Newsletter
Don't forget your Mother this month!! If you're lucky enough to still have her, let her know how very much you love her. I wish I could tell my Mom just once more how much she meant to me.
I still have several membership lists that weren't claimed at the last meeting. Try to make this monthís meeting and be sure to ask me for your list.
We will be discussing the upcoming June campout at the Pala Duro Canyon, to see the play, TEXAS. The tickets are reserved, so if you are planning on making the trip, you need to pay for them this month. The price of the ticket includes the BBQ meal before the play.

LLANO CRAWFISH FESTIVAL APRIL, 2015...report by Janice Klein
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! LOL Ed, Tom and Tommye, Anita and Eddie, and Pete and I attended the festival. OMG so much fun. Left Friday afternoon chasing storm clouds but hung tough until Eden. Decided to stop and get a Blizzard (yum) and let the storm keep moving in front of us. Being the wienie that I am, I put on my wet gear but everyone else hung tough. I got the last laugh! Started raining on us just before Llano. Wet jeans yuck Janice nice and dry!
Got to the park and oh my what a beautiful city park. We had a great place to stay and Tom and Tommye had it set up really nice. Had stopped raining by this time so got the camps and tents set up and ready for bed. Get up on Saturday and the day is gorgeous. Go down to the Gypsy set up and enter the Fun Run and get our map. 63 mile loop back to start. We all head out and go to first stop (now keep in mind I have never done this before). First stop is a gas station (and of course that Spyder always needs gas) go in for card and get a seashell noodle! Okay well we are surprised but what the heck. Go to next stop and get an elbow macaroni. Getting weirder! Run up to next stop and get a pinto bean. Tom at this time has decided that we are going to have to cook these for our dinner. Go on a 13 mile Twisted Sister like route through some of the most beautiful country side you have ever seen. Blue bonnets everywhere. Also massive cows roaming loose. Ride through some streams and just an enjoyable time and then get back to main hwy. Last stop is a bar in Llano. Get a corkscrew noddle there. Then back to start. Turn in our supper (Tom was bummed) and pulled cards out of a sack. We were the first team to leave out and everyone had until 4 to turn in their stuff. Ed got a pair of nines, I got a pair of sixes, Tom got a mess, Pete pulled a flush Ace high, and Eddie got a mess. Found out later there were over 100 bikes in the run. Pete won first (again) and Ed got second.
Went on about our business, ate crawfish ( Tommye and I went into town for a burger) and then checked out the vendors and finished up with a big old chocolate chip funnel cake. Never did go down to the band area so I have no idea who was playing. They had a really nice bus though!
Decided to go back and do that beautiful ride about 3ish. Tom and Tommye stay at camp but the rest of us leave out. Looking kind of dark but we say what the heck. Zipping along enjoying the country side and flowers. People everywhere coming and going on this twisty lane. Stop and take some pics and then the world exploded! Pete was driving Spyder so I could take pics and hail hit in front of us. Hmmmm. The heavens and the hail opened up. This fat girl got in her rain gear so fast I never even got damp. Boots and all. (Ask Pete about the one that hit him in the chest.) Eddie, Anita and Pete get in a car that has so graciously stopped to help out. Poor old Ed. Hailed on rained on and nothing we could do. (Ask him about the ding in his gas tank) So here Ed and I are standing out under trees with helmets on trying not to get beat to death (I know, trees in a storm) LOL. Cars are so graciously stopping for us but we send them on. Storm slows down, jump on bikes, haul into town and Ed turns into a big Stripes. Put bikes under awning and spring for the store. Heavens opened up again and we could not even see the bikes from the store. Never saw so much rain in my life. Sat there for about an hour and a half then went back to camp. Oh my! Eddie and Anitaís tent was full of water. Our kwik camps are semi okay water coming up through the floor on the bottom but beds all dry.
They say that everyone has a price. Well I found mine out. A generator. Tom brought a big one and I turned on my electric blanket and conked out. Eddie and Anita had to sleep in Tomís truck. I told Tom he could go with me anywhere as long as he brought his generator!!!!! Got up Sunday and tried to roll up wet stuff and get home. Beautiful day to ride home. Windy but not too hot. When we went into Llano over the bridge the spill way was dry. When we left looked like a tsunami so much water pouring over it. Had a great time and canít wait for next year!!!!!!!

Ed gave me a report on the State Rally but the envelope I took notes on has disappeared...I know, notes on an envelpoe wasn't the smartest idea in the world! I don't know if I threw it away during a spurt of cleaning, or what. But I know Ed said that everyone had a good time.
Don't forget the gen meeting on May 2nd at Casa Lopez, 10:00 am for eating, 10:30 for the meeting. The officers meeting is at Polos on May 19, 7:00pm. I'm the only one that forget it last month!
The new constitution will be presented at the May meeting, for signatures.
Thatís all for this month! Ride safe and keep the shiny side up.
Mary T.
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May 2015 Newsletter
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