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 T-Twister Constitution 2015

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Registration date : 2007-12-28

PostSubject: T-Twister Constitution 2015   Mon May 04, 2015 6:08 pm

Current members (Full & Associate)
(1)Must pay yearly dues by February
To be on yearly phone list
(2)Meetings required to attend (3) three campouts with the club a year.
(3)Will be required to attend nine (9) General Meetings a year.
(4)Any former member wishing to rejoin will be considered A NPM, and must fulfill the same requirements as such.
(5)Dues are $20.00 per year per family.
(6)Full members at age 60 and over are exempt
from paying dues.

(I)Must join and pay dues at monthly meeting.
(2)NEW PROSPECTIVE MEMBER Will be required to ride with the club for a period of(1) year. (NPM) will be required to attend (3) three campouts With the club during the probationary (I) year. (NPM) will be required to attend nine (9) General Meetings during the probationary (1) year. (NPM) will be voted in or out with a whitelblack ball vote. Three black balls will deny membership.
Only full member in good standing will vote on (NPM) A full member, or remain associate as long as they like.
(3) Dues are $20.00 per year per family and will be
prorated by quarter.

(1)You must have black leather vest with T-TWISTER
Logo (club colors only) embroidered on vest. (AT CURRENT PRICE)
(2)You must be at least 18 years ofage. ( No one under 18 year ofage may wear club logo on vest.)
II MONTHLY MEETINNG AND VOTING PRIVILEGES Meetings will be the first Saturday ofthe mouth.
(A) Only full members have voting privileges during elections to retain voting privileges you must be in good standings.
(1)You must wear your colors to vote and your vest must be complete.
(2)You must attend four meetings prior to elections. Ifyou cannot make a meeting you must call an officer before the meeting
(A)Nominations will be in September and October, campaigning will be in September and October meeting only.
(B)You must be a full member in good standing for a period
oftwo (2) years before becoming eligible to hold any office.
The first office position held will be no higher than Road captain.
(C)You cannot be an officer of another motorcycle club.
(D)You do not have to be nominated to run for office.
(E)The constitution & ballots will be made up by V.P. and secretary to be held by President or V.P. not up for election.

(A)Elections will be held in November when elected to office the Member will confirm the acceptance ofoffice at that time.
(B)Current officers and newly elected officers will hold January meeting jointly.
(C)Any officer failing to attend at least six monthly meeting a year will go before the club for review and could be ask to resign.
(E)All elected officers are bound by club rulings.
(F)Officers will be two year terms.
(I)President, secretary, Sergeant at arms, road cap 2 on even
(2)V.P, Treasurer, Road captain I, 3, on odd years.

(A)Pushing or shoving of other club member will cause that
Person to be put on trial by the club ....
(B)Unlawful violence to another club member will cause
Review from the dismissal from the club.
(C)Excessive use of alcohol leading to violence will cause that Person to be reviewed by the club .there review could cause that person to be put on probation. Ifprobation is broken this will result in automatic dismissal.
(D)Complaints regarding club members' action and or behavior during any club function submitted to the club at next meeting for review.
(E)Bad mouthing club and or member will be cause for review by the club. If probation is broken this will result in automatic dismissal.

(A)Constitutionally changes may only be made by full members in good standing.
(1)State reason for changes.
(2)Offer a written solution in a concise form.
(3)Must be submitted to the club in January's meeting. The
person submitting state changes must be present at January meeting. To answer any and all questions and argue their case.
(4)To be voted on in February's meeting if club approves.
(B)(1) the V.P. must submit newly changed constitution for
Clubs approval by the March club meeting.
(2) The revised constitution shall be retyped, dated and Signed by each full member of the club at March meeting.
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T-Twister Constitution 2015
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