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PostSubject: JULY NEWSLETTER   Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:55 am

July 2012 Newsletter
IMPORTANT!! July's general meeting is at Casa Lopez, 4411 W. Illinois in Midland.
"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us." Thank you, Terry Phillips.
Sincere condolences go out to Nola on the recent loss of her Mother, Lou Burnes. Lou lost a long, hard fought battle with cancer early in June.
Two days after school was out, Al and I headed for Camp Wood. We got there Saturday afternoon, after having our first blow out on the new camper! (Having a blowout once a year is sure a lot nicer than having 1 or 2 every time we went out!) We got to the campground and found it empty, and it stayed that way until Ed got there about noon on Thursday. We just sat around and relaxed, watched the squirrels and birds and the day people that put boats on the river.
On Wednesday, Al rode over to San Antonio, to Alamo Cycle Center for a new back tire (after calling to make sure they had it) When he got there, they said "oops", no tire after all...but they could get one from another dealer in just a short time. This was noon. Having no transportation except the bike, which was now up on a rack in the shop, he waited. About 2:30 he went to check on work progress, and there wasn't any. But he was assured that they would get right on it. Didn't happen. About 5:00 he checked again, and they had just gotten started. Needless to say, Big Al wasn't a happy camper! About 6:45, he was told it was finished and being washed...he told them to skip the wash, he just wanted the bike! He walked out the door at 7:00pm, and they flipped over the "closed" sign and locked the door right behind him. He had waited in the store for 7 hours to get a new tire, with nothing to eat or drink, no way to go get something...and nothing offered. It was a total bad experience! We won't go back.
Before the weekend was over, we had a good sized group that showed up. Bob and Jan, Smurf and Tracey, Ed and Nola, Al and me, Charles and Shirley, Mike and Mel and Pete Putman were the T-Twisters. Our visitors were Jack and Sandy, (Shirley's brother), Manny Dailing and his two girls, Nola's cousin Alta, her daughter Vickie with boyfriend and two sons, her nephew Chris and his girlfriend and son. Lots of time was spent in the water and no one was hurt, other than some sunburn.
Pete showed up with his green "John 3:16" trike! It was good to see him ride! Al, Bob, Pete, and Smurf and Tracey rode the Three Sisters, while Charlie, Shirley and I DROVE the Sisters. This was Tracey's first time over the Sisters and she really enjoyed it.
After a few great days, it was time to go back to the real world. Sunday morning, after a great message from Pete entitled"Do you really believe what you believe?", most of us loaded up and headed out. I say "most of us", because Bob and Jan were just starting a 5-6 week vacation, and they got to stay an extra few days before going some where else. The lucky dogs!! They are not home yet, as I write this newsletter!
Our next Club campout is at Hord's Creek the weekend of July 13-15. Call Ed for details. You can call this number to get your reservations...877-444-6777 and ask for the Lakeside Park area. Don't wait till the last minute or the best sites will be gone!!
On a hot Saturday afternoon, several of us met at Stripes for the July dinner ride. Charles and Shirley had just came in from Ruidos , so they came in their truck, and Al and I 4 wheeled it also. As we were driving to the steak house in Andrews, I started thinking about how some people might kinda look down their noses at people who 4-wheel in a bike club. Now, this is MY opinion completely, and you can agree or disagree as you please. To me, friendship is the most important part of a Club. Now, don't get me wrong, we love to ride! There aren't many things we've enjoyed as much as riding and camping with people we like! But it's the PEOPLE that make a Club! And if someone chooses to enjoy their A/C on a day as hot as Saturday was, I see nothing wrong with that. I love my fellow T-Twisters, whether they're on their bike, or not!!
And speaking about heat, Mike Williams sent me a great article on riding in the heat. Here is a small, but concise part of it:
"The magic temperature is 93F. Below 93F it's fairly easy to stay cool on a motorcycle as long as you're moving fast enough to get some wind against your skin for convection cooling. A mesh riding suit feels great. Above 93F it's a different world, the wind is no longer your friend.
For long distance riding in temperatures higher than 93F. you need to, (1) minimize your body's exposure to direct wind blast, (2) wear wicking undergarments, including a helmet liner, (3) carry an adequate supply of cool water and drink frequently, and (4) insulate any part of your body exposed to engine heat and radiator discharge.
Dress right, drink right, and enjoy the ride!!" Thanks, Mike!!
Congratulations, Mel, on the recent birth of a brand new grandson! Proud grandma says he's a beautiful blue eyed blonde, and carries the name Mason Cole Dorsett!
This old Texas cowboy went to the local church and asked if he could join. The preacher said, "OK, but you have to pass a small Bible test first."

He only got as far as the first question, "Where was Jesus born?"
The old man answered, " Longview ." The preacher said, "Sorry, that's the wrong answer. You can't join our church."
Soooooo, he went to another church and asked if he could join. The preacher said, "We would love to have you, but you have to pass a Bible test first. Where was Jesus born?" The man said, " Tyler " The preacher said, "Sorry, that ain't the right answer. You can't join our church."

Soooo ... he goes to another church, and again asks to join. This time, the preacher said, "That's great; we welcome you with open arms."
The man said, "You mean it? I don't have to pass no Bible test first?"
The preacher said, "No."
The man said, "Well in that case, can I ask you a question?"
The preacher said, "Sure."The man said, "Where was Jesus born?"
The preacher replied, "In Palestine ."
The man mumbled to himself, "Well Heck, I knew it was over in east Texas , somewhere."
Well, folks, that's it for this month. Don't forget the general meeting at Casa Lopez on the 6th, Hord's Creek on the 13-15 and the officers meeting at Warfield on the 24th.
And don't forget to PRAY for AMERICA!! Many things are happening to our country, and most of them are not good by anybody's standards. This country was founded on freedom to worship God, and because of that we had good morals and standards. But in todays world, little of that exists anymore. True Christians are few and far between, and we all know the morality of America is in the toilet. Please pray for God's intervention and forgiveness!
Happy Birthday, AMERICA!!
Ride safe and keep the shiny side up!!
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