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PostSubject: JUNE NEWSLETTER   Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:27 am

Don West broke his shoulder and fractured his ankle Saturday morning, May 23 after he got thrown from his bike. He was not on the highway, but a gravel road, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less!! Faye said he was very sore, not feeling too good, but doing as good as could be expected. Hang in there, Don, our prayers are with you!

Dennis and Denise made the Ride to Remember on Memorial Day. He reported that there were 725 bikes, a good, but uneventful ride with no reports of anyone going down. Now, THAT’S the kind of report I like to hear!! He said he saw several former members, but no current ones, but that could be because there were sooooo many riders.

The first dinner ride of the month was to Burgers and Fries and Cherry Pies in Midland . I was impressed, the burgers were really good. I don’t know what kind of bread the buns were made from, but it was excellent! We met (did anyone catch that? I said “we”) at the T&C at 7pm , and Jan and Bob were waiting there for us. We brought some visitors, James Hawthorn and his wife, Sherry, and Vernon . They’re guys that Al works with. Our visitor from last month’s meeting, Cliff Mullis, was there, and Ed. Nola met us at the restaurant, with her daughter Vickie, son-in-law Shane, 4 grandkids, Kylie, Gage, Caroline and Jaden, and Junior. After we ate, some of us made the obligatory ice cream run, and met Carrol and Mary Ellen out there. They were in the ‘Stang with the top down. Mary Ellen said it was almost as good as being on the bike.

Are ya’ll proud of me? I rode my bike!! It was so good being back in the saddle with the wind in my face!! We rode all evening long and when we had to call it a night and go home, I was feeling good. We pulled up to the garage to put the bikes to bed, and my battery died!! I am so grateful it happened at home. Needless to say, I now have a brand new battery on my “lil Shadow.”

Nola has gone back to school; she’s working hard to further her medical education. I’m proud of her; it takes a lot of energy and time to do what she’s doing, along with holding down a full time job. Hang in there, girl, it’ll be worth it in the end!!

Mario, Charlie and Shirley, Johnny Davis, and Al made the Ruidoso Aspencash rally in May. They had visitors, Mike T., James Hawthorn, Vernon and his brother-in-law. This bad bunch stayed at the Mama Bear RV Park in Capitan again, and had a good time. Poor Shirley was the only woman there, and had to put up with all of them!! They spent Friday riding the country side, went to Silver City , up through the hills, thru Los Cruces and back to Capitan. Al said one road they were on was worse (in a good way) than the Dragon’s Tail he rode last summer. He said it was curvier and longer. They rode just under 400 miles and were pooped when they made it back to camp. No drinking or gambling that night, just snoring. All in all, he said they had a really good time and it was good to get away from the rat race for awhile.

Well, Mike and Mel finally broke down and bought an “above ground” bed!! They found a good used Kwik Kamp, and have already tried it out. They took a trip to Ft. Davis a couple of weekends ago and after getting used to the feel of pulling the camper, Mike said everything was great. They both said it sure beats a tent! But the weather left a little to be desired…Mel said it was COLD at night (about 50), but Mike said it was nice. Mel said if they had taken more than one blanket, it might have been nice!!

And at the last officers meeting, we found out that there’s a little ESP going on between Mike and Ed. Wanna know about it??? Ask Ed why Mike’s back tire has been wearing out so fast….

The little gossip bird told me that Mario has bought himself a new bike. My birdie told me that he THOUGHT it was a Kawasaki Concourse, but he wasn’t sure. Someone else said it was a crotch rocket, or better yet, a jap thong. Hummm, wonder if Gracie knows???

How ‘bout this rain we’ve been having??? Here at my house, we’ve had right at 2” in the past week. Last Friday night, as AL and I sat outside the Chinese Cuisine restaurant waiting on someone to show up for the dinner ride, it started raining. The longer we waited, the more it rained. It smelled so good, and was so relaxing, we both could have flat gone to sleep. After sitting there for about 45 minutes, we decided to go see if it was raining at our house, so we headed home. And guess what?? NOTHING!! But it did start shortly after we got home, and rained for a couple hours, just soft and slow, exactly what we’ve been needing. Thank you, Lord!!
Ok, let’s get some important dates down.

June 6 TMRA Board of Directors Meeting, Belton, 1:00pm . Call Tom for location.

June 7 TMRA General Membership meeting, Belton, 10:00am .

June 12-14 Back to Ballinger Campout. Call Tom, 325-653-3763

June 15 National Ride Your Bike to Work Day
June 5 T-Twister general meeting, Warfield, 7:30 pm

June 12 Dinner run, location to be decided at the general meeting.

June 23 Officers meeting, Warfield, 7:00pm

Be sure and come to the general meeting. We’re going to be planning two Club campouts, one for June and one for July. Neither will be too far away, just far enough to get a change of scenery for a while. Come put in your 2 cents worth. It’s important for our Club to get together and fellowship.

OK, birthday babies this month are… (Drum roll, please!)… Nola Dailing on the 3rd, Billy Hodge on the 5th, Johnny Davis on the 23rd, and David Ellis on the 28th. So now I’m gonna sing to ya,..ahemm…HBDTY, HBDTY, HBD, HBD, HBDTY!! And many more to each of you! I hope they’re GREAT ones!!

Well, that’s it for this month. God bless all of you! Remember to ride safe and keep the shiny side up!!

Mary T.
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