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PostSubject: APRIL 2015 NEWSLETTER   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:35 am

April 2015 T-Twister Newsletter

I heard a comment the other day and liked it so well that I'm going to put it on the bulletin board in my office...Take The Time To Tame Your Tongue...Think Before You Speak! It's a lesson I personally need to take to heart.
The Spring Water Valley Chili cook off was another success! The weather cooperated, except for Wednesday night, when Ed, Nola, Tom and Tommye got snowed on. They had made a mad dash into San Angelo...Wal Mart of course, and when they came out the snow had started. But, thank the Good Lord, they made it back with no problems.
The rest of the weekend was good weather, warm in the day and cool at night. Just good camping weather!! Pete and Janice, Derrell and Brenda brought their small campers, and it was a good learning experience, they already know some of the do's and don'ts! I'll never forget my first camping trip, it was to Ruidoso in September, where I expected the weather to be like West Texas, and packed accordingly!! I learned!!
Our turnout was great! Those who attended were: Greg and Debi; Ed, Nola and Jr; Mary; Eddie and Wilma; Derrell and Brenda; Pete and Janice; Charles and Shirley; Tom and Tommye; Bob and Jan; Smurf and Tracey; Eddie, Anita and grandson Chris; Randy and Cindy; John and DeeDee; Pete Putman; Dennis; Ronnie;Patty and Terry B. Our visitors were: Norm, Colter; David Woods; Kathy Stephenson and friends, and Eric Vickers. There were many other people there, that I did not get their names.
Our Chili winners this spring were...4th place, Tom J; 3rd place, Mike from Big Springs; 2nd place, Rodney and the Winner was our very own GREG COLE!! And the best bean pot in the park was cooked by Kathy Stephenson!! Congratulations to everyone! And I will add this, while I am not a real Chili fan, I did taste some GOOD Chili that weekend.
The 50/50 winner was Debi Cole, and I'll leave it to her to tell you how much!
We held a short meeting, and Pete and Janice Klein recieved their vests. The yellow prospect shirts were passed put to our prospects, and they really do look good!
It was voted and passed that for a member to stay on the mailing list, they MUST attend one MEETING and one EVENT a year.
We had 25 people commit to going to see "Texas" the play sometime in June. If you would like to go, Please be in attendance at the April meeting. We will need to get the reservations in as soon as possible in order to get the weekend we want. The money will have to be paid in advance. We will be discussing plans for that weekend, as well as others.
The new membership list will be passed out at the April meeting. Be there if you want one. Also, if you are one of those people that do NOT text, please come tell me. We are trying to get a system in place to inform everyone when inpromptu (or whatever that word is!!) rides just pop up. That way, everyone has a chance to go.`
State Rally is the 10-12 of April. Someone told me that Sam Phillips will be there, so that would be a good time to visit with him again. I know Charles is going to go, don't know who else. And the Llano "Mudbug" eating thing is the very next weekend. Several people will go to that, I know Ed is going, and Tom and Tommye will be there also.
Officers Meeting is April 21st at Polo's in West Odessa, 7:00pm.

Spend a moment thinking about what God did for us over 2015 years ago on top of Mt. Calvary. Think about the unimaginable Love He has for us...ALL of us...and how NONE of us deserve it. Think about YOUR death...my death, it's coming closer each day. Think about where your soul will be 30 seconds after you die. And think about how long eternity is. The choice is yours. ************
I love you all. Ride safe, and keep the shiny side up!
Mary T.

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