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 August 2014 Newsletter

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PostSubject: August 2014 Newsletter   Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:16 pm

Ouch! This is the first time in many years that I just flat didn't get the newsletter out! So if you think you just overlooked the July newsletter...nope, you didn't. It twas me!! And my apologies to all of you! Between getting ready for my trip to Oklahoma the end of June and planning on the Colorado trip the 3rd of July...what can I say??

The Colorado trip was fantastic!! I must admit there was a tiny part of me that wanted to back out of going, (no hubby, ya know), but I am so very glad I went. I proved to myself that I can still have a good time. Not one time did I ever feel alone, I was surrounded by people that love me. I am so very blessed!

I met up with Eddie Ray and Wilma in Stanton on Thursday morning and we rode to Lubbock, where Eddie drooled all over several brand new pickups. We killed some time, then headed for Amarillo. It was BEAUTIFUL riding weather, not hot at all...no rain or wind! Ed and Nola, Terry and Tracie, Smurf and Tracey, Mike Blodgett, Pete and Janice, and Derrell and Brenda left Midland at 6:00pm, dodged the rain, and made it to Amarillo about 10:30. They grabbed a bite at a pretty crappy (that's right, I said "crappy") Denny's, then crashed for the rest of the night.

Up by 6 am, out of Amarillo by 7:00, and we were headed north. We hit a wicked side wind just outside Amarillo, and fought it into Colorado, where we finally ran out of it. I am not happy to report that my HONDA kept losing things...first a bag that I didn't tie tight enough, then my backrest pillow thingy, and a side cover (twice!). The side cover finally went into the pick-up before it got broke!

We made it to my sister's for the pic-nic about 1:30. They sure did put out a good lunch. It was just the break we needed, because by then it had gotten HOT!! Now...my wonderful brother-in-law, John, thinks the T-Twisters are a bunch of hill billies...and if you've seen the pictures from the trip, you'll understand why!! Too funny!! (I don't have the picture I'm talking about...Tracey does!)

Two hours later we were off again. About 6:00 we finally got to Manitou Springs, where we were staying. Took a while to get checked into the cabins, and get cooled off. After riding down town to eat, and watching fireworks from two different directions, we called it a night.

Another early start and we headed out for the Top of the World. I drove the pick-up with Nola (who wasn't able to ride much 'cause of a bunged up shoulder) but everyone else rode. The traffic was heavy, but what else can you expect for tourist country? The scenery was beautiful...the mountains, trees, streams, elk, blue skies, SNOW, white clouds, BLACK clouds...yeppers, for a while we thought we were gonna get wet whilst up in the clouds!! Did get a few drops when we were at 54 degree, but thankfully nothing more. It was a good day of riding and everyone got back to town safely. After eating at a really good Mexican food restaurant, Nola got a little off course after leaving the restaurant, but recovered nicely without any help from her two tipsy navigators (who shall remain nameless!!)

Sunday was a free day. Ed, Nola and I walked through some interesting shops...(how many of you have ever tried chocolate covered jalapenos?) then spent the rest of the day on the front porch of the office watching traffic and people. Janice napped most of the day and everyone else went riding again. They rode up Pikes Peak (which Wilma said scared her to death!) and toured the Garden of the Gods. When they got back, I climbed up behind Eddie Ray and he took me through the Garden of the Gods. It is stunning and a must see if you're ever in that area!

Well, you know the old saying..."what goes up must come down"...unhappily it applied to us also. It was time to leave the mountain. So, up early again. We left Manitou Springs by 6:00am. We breakfasted in Pueblo, dropped down to Raton NM, then a little west to revisit a trip Ed and Eddie had made with Al about 3 years ago. As I rode over those same crooked roads, I could SO see those three idiots riding hard over them, and having a blast. It was a little bittersweet.

We spent the last night in Santa Rosa NM. We might have been able to make it a little farther, but we were all beat. So we sat around the swimming pool and the hot tub, visited and relaxed. Ask Ed about how cool the pool was! And ask Wilma to see the video of Eddie having fun in the hot tub! I think we might have permanently scarred some youngsters there!!

Last day we left again early, trying to beat some of the heat. We rode through Portales, stopped to eat in Seminole and home by 2:00. A wonderful trip, with wonderful people. Next year...Tennessee!!

THANK YOU to Ed and Nola for bringing their pick-up! It was greatly appreciated by most of the ladies at one time ot another!!

I am very proud of the people that made this trip. Of the 14 that went, 7 are newer members that I didn't know very well. It was great getting to know them! Of the ladies that went, this was the longest bike trip EVER for some of them. They hung tough, never complaining through heat, almost cold, rough roads and long days. I have no doubt that these people will be wonderful T-Twisters at the end of their year!

I asked some of the Colorado trip bunch to tell what they liked best about the trip, and this what they sent me.

"The Colorado trip with the T-Twister's was amazing. We had such a great time and saw some truly beautiful country. The best part of the trip for both me and Smurf had to be the trip up to Pike's Peak. Of course it goes without saying that the company was, as always, the truly best part of any trip. We had a great time and cant wait until the next trip. Have to give a great big thank you to Mary's sister and brother-in-law, Thelma and John, for a great lunch on Friday and wonderful hospitality."

Sincerely, Tracey

"I had such a blast hard to say what the best part was, But getting to spend quality time with Eddie and such a great group of people. If anyone knows me they know I'm crazy scared of heights!! So going up pikes peak was hard and something I'll probably never do again!! The garden of the Gods was a majestic peaceful place. I went twice and could go back"


"The time spent with my wife and some wonderful friends. The ride was awesome, had the best time and saw the some of the sights out there was amazing. Ready to do this ride again."

Pete K

The first Saturday in August we will resume our general meetings. Remember, Casa Lopez in Midland at 10:00 am.

AUGUST LUNCH RIDE: MI PIACHIS IN ODESSA!! YEAH!! On Aug 16th we will meet at the Stripes on Midland Dr. and Andrews Hwy. at 10:30. Kickstands up at 11:00 sharp! We want to get to Mi Piachis by 11:30 to beat the lunch crowd. After we eat, we'll ride...somewhere! The address is 2607 N. Grandview. It's kinda hidden in the back of the little shopping center. One of my favorite places to eat!

The crosses are in. Come to the meeting prepared to get the ones you ordered. If you can't remember what you ordered, I have the list.

Officers meeting is July 22nd at Polo's in West Odessa...7:00pm.

Dennis and Denise have been traveling also. Dennis told me that they've been to a wedding, traveled through 9 states and covered over 3000 miles of crooked, curvy roads that he used to take for granted. He said it was wonderful.

Ed, Nola and I made a trip to Harper to spent the weekend with Tom and Tommye. We spent Saturday walking through the Fredricksburg Old Trader Days and really enjoyed it...but the heat and the humidity got the best of us after just a few hours. It's an amazing place with TONS of "stuff", and I did spend some money. And I'm already wishing I'd bought a few things that I didn't!

The last lunch run turned out pretty good. Several people met for breakfast at...(drat! I forgot name of cafe!) in Midland. Jim and Carla, Charles and Shirley, David Ellis, Eddie and Anita, Ronnie, Ed and Jr. After breakfast, Ed, Jr, Eddie and Anita, Ronnie, rode to Iraan where they were met by Tom and Tommye for lunch at Dana and Nancy's place. It was a good day riding, and the food at Dana's and Nancy's was, as usual, the best!!

Remember the chocolate covered jalapenos I mentioned earlier? I recently found some jalapeno peanut brittle!! Good grief! What's this world coming to?!

Ok, guys, I've rambled quite enough this time...but I have this vague feeling that I've forgotten something important... Oh well, it's gone now!

That's it! Ride safe and keep the shiny side up!


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August 2014 Newsletter
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