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 March Newsletter

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PostSubject: March Newsletter   Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:30 am

March 2010 T-Twister Newsletter

This crazy weather…if you’re as tired of it as I am, then stand up and shout, “ENOUGH ALREADY!!” It’s strange, I remember last fall when the weather people were predicting a hard winter this year, and I blew them off, thinking, “yeah, right! What do they know?? They’re never right!” Well, I guess they did know! My hat’s off to them!

OK, all together now,…“ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

The Chili cook off is only a few day away, on March 5-6 and 7, and we can only hope the weather is nice to us. Be sure and plan on coming, we won the “Friendliest Camp” award last year, and we’re going to win it again this year!! Our very own Tom Jones will cook fish Friday night and Eddie Ray is doing breakfast Saturday morning. Remember this; our general meeting is at Water Valley on Friday, March 5th.

Earlier in the month of February, we found out that Tom Webb was having health problems and was in the hospital at Denver City with blood clots in his legs. Ed, Al, Ronnie, Dennis and Bobby H. rode over to see him. They left in a cold mist, expecting it to get better, but Al told me that it just got colder and foggy. They visited with Tom, who was glad to see them. Tom is getting better, but slowly. His daughter was keeping a close watch on him, and they were taking things one day at a time. I haven’t heard a recent report, but our prayers and well wishes continue to go with him.

Camping season is just around the corner, too. Our first official campout is the Water Valley Chili cook off in March; the second is TMRA state rally in Snyder on April 2-4,

May 20-23 is Ruidoso and June is Ballinger on the 11-13. Let’s try to attend as many of these campouts as we can. Not only are they an excuse to get away from the daily grind, but they’re fun and a good way to get to know each other better.

If you haven’t got your dues paid yet, get with Mario at Water Valley. I’ll have the updated membership list to pass out there.


Now, for some useless information: St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th every year. As kids, we had fun pinching people who were silly enough not to wear green on that day. As an adult I wanted to know why that day is celebrated. Patrick was born in Britain to a Christian family near the end of the 4h century. He was captured by Irish raiders when he was 16 and spent 6 years in captivity in Ireland. He escaped, but 15 years later returned as a missionary to the country of Ireland. He had a dual purpose, to minister to Christians already there, and to convert the Irish to Christianity. He died on March 17, 460 ad.

So why do we celebrate that holiday? In the USA today, there’s an Irish decendency population of over 36.5 million people, which is 9 times the population of Ireland herself. I claim some of that blood, with family that comes from Wales and County Armagh, Ireland, among other places.

OK, OK… so, I TOLD you it was worthless information!!!

Congratulations to Tom and Tommye on the beautiful new addition to their family!

It was so unexpected, Tommye! We didn’t know you guys were planning on another “baby”. For those of you that don’t know, they have a new baby boy named “Axel”, a 9 month old, 75 pound Rottweiller pup. He’s a real sweetheart, and fills the empty hole in their hearts with the loss of their beloved Daisy.


Now for upcoming events:

March 5-7 Water Valley Chili cook off and camp out Tom 325-653-3763

T-Twister general meeting at Water Valley

March 19-20 Big Bend NP Intl. Brotherhood camp out at Rio Grande Village

March 19-20 Alpine TX “Ride The Twisties” COG, Antelope Lodge W. Hwy 80

March 19-20 Muleshoe Roadriders rally, Bailey Co coliseum Earl 806-946-6281

March 20 Amarillo Crawfish boil Screwdriver 817-240-9487

March 23 T-Twister officers meeting Warfield 7:00

March 19-21 San Antonio South TX motorcycle show.

April 9-11 Snyder TX, TMRA State rally on the fairgrounds

April 16-18 Beach n Biker fest, S. Padre Island, TX beachnbikerfest.com

************************************************************************Birthday balloons and chocolate cake go to Smurf and Wilma this month, Smurf on the 10th and Wilma on the 27th. Guys, this ones for you!!

Getting Older Birthday
It’s birthday time again I see;
Another year's gone by.
We’re older than we used to be;
The thought could make me cry.

For getting older is not such fun,
When there’s hurting in your back,
And it’s agony if you have to run,
And a pleasure to lie in the sack.

Yes getting older is quite a bore,
But to not get old is worse.
So "Happy Birthday!" let’s shout once more,
And to heck with our ride in the hearse!

Hooray for getting older! Happy Birthday and many more

Karl Fuchs


That’s it for this month. Just a reminder to watch out for the other guy when you ride, they sure aren’t good at watching out for us! Be safe!!

Remember to keep the shiny side up!

Mary T.

TMRA 40218
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March Newsletter
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