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 Sept. Newsletter

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PostSubject: Sept. Newsletter   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:41 pm

Sept 2009 T-Twister Newsletter
Oh my gosh, where did the summer go? I thought it was only day before yesterday that school was let out for the summer. I had forgotten that there IS a 4:45 a.m. on the clock. I hate alarm clocks...if I ever get lucky enough to retire, I won't have another one in my house!!

Oh well, like it or not, school IS back in session, which means we've got the usual assortment of kids on the streets early in the mornings again. And no matter how many times we've muttered under our breaths that we'd like to choke the living s### out of some neighborhood kid, none of us would ever want to see that kid bloody and broken under our car! So, PLEASE, please be careful on your morning drives now, and watch your speed in school zones! AND don't run the red lights on a school bus, either.


We've only got one birthday this month that I'm aware of, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to,,,tah dah...Richard Borgne on the 15th!! Richard, I hope it's a great one, filled with fun, friends and family!

For those of you that don't know, our very own Tom Webb had back surgery in July. The last report I got said he was doing better and is well on his way to recuperation. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know, Tom.

Jan Walker had some medical tests ran recently. Give praise to God, the tests came back better than expected and the hopes are that her problems can be taken care of with medication. We need to keep Jan and Tom in our prayers.


For those of you that missed "Burgers, Fries and Cherry Pies" on the 14th, you missed a good time. The food was good, but the fellowship was the best part of it. I know how easy it is to stay home, but we need the time together, to rest and relax with friends, and maybe talk a little (a LOT) BS on the side. WE MISSED THOSE OF YOU THAT WERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!

The dinner ride to Crane was the best one we've had in a long time! Al and I got to Stripes about 7:00 and Ed and Nola, Charlie and Shirley, Mike and Mel, and Bob and Jan were already there. We kicked the tires and talked and in just a few minutes, we had visitors join us. They were Terry Phillips, Jerry and Ronni Kawamura, Phillip Schlecht, Allen Riff, Norman Johnson and Mark Lloyd. (FYI, for those of you that have been on our forum, Terry Phillips is "Screaming Eagle".) Introductions were made all around and at 7:13 pm kick stands were raised and we were off. ( I know, I know, 2 minutes early, but, what can I say??) The ride over was nice, temperature was perfect after the showers and clouds. We rode into the parking lot of the "My Friends Grill" just after they closed, but they were gracious enough to re-open for us. In just a short time, the food was ready and things got quiet for a few minutes. Funny how that always happens...The ride home was great. I had taken a light jacket to wear, but in the course of talking, forget to put it on. It wasn't needed.

This dinner ride was reminiscent of the way things used to be. If we ALL make the effort, it can be that way again.


Al and Charlie C. took a weekend trip to Camp Wood the middle of August. They rode up with some guys Al works with and I heard a good time was had. I was jealous. I love going there...it's my favorite place to camp. Hummm, I can't even remember why I couldn't go. Am I getting old, or what?!?!

Mike and Mel took their vacation in August also. She sent me her report and it was so good I'm just going to add it to this newsletter. I just wanna know...did they get another porta-potty???


OUR CHILI COOK OFF IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! I can't believe it's here already!! I'm excited about it, we've got so much going on. This year is gonna be the best we've ever done. We're going to have a FREE Pot Luck soup and cornbread meal for whoever is at the park Saturday night. We're just asking everyone to bring a can of veggies to put in the pot. Did I mention that it's FREE??

We forgot to put it on the flyer, but we're also having a cake auction. We're going to need a lot of cakes, so ladies, get ready to dust off your cake pans and bake your best. This is gonna be the time to show off all the skills we try to keep hidden. Don't wanna make a cake? OK, brownies and cupcakes will work, too!

Ronnie has graciously offered us a place to store the items for the garage sale and auction we're gonna have at Water Valley. Look through your house and garage for the GOOD, used items you no longer want or have a need for, and bring them to the next meeting. Each and everyone of us can help out with this. We ALL have dusty things we no longer use!! So dust them off and BRING THEM TO THE MEETING!! I have a big pile on my couch to bring...in fact there isn't much room left on my couch to sit. (But it's nice to see some empty space in my closets and cabinets for a change!)

Any new items you've gotten donated from a merchant will be auctioned off in a silent auction setting. Be sure and get a business card from the merchant so we can give credit where credits due.

With the team washer throw contest, chili cook off, bean cook off, 50/50 drawing and whatever else we come up with, I think it's going to be a GREAT weekend!

Upcoming Events:
Sept 3-6 Andrews TX Bluegrass BBQ and bike rally Florey park 432-523-2695
Sept 4-7 Amarillo TX Top of TX Trike IN KOA campground 806-373-4170
Sept 4-6 Marfa TX Marfa Lights Festival
Sept 5-7 Alpine TX 14th Annual Big Bend Balloon Bash
Sept 12 San Angelo 3rd Annual Cheynne's Rally 325-949-6477
Sept 11-13 Sipapu Ski Lodge NM Bavarian Mtn. Weekend (BMW event)
Sept 16-20 Ruidoso NM Golden Aspen MC rally
Sept 26 Alpine TX Heaven to Hell Ride $40 (2 meals 350 miles) 432-837-1070
Oct 2-4 Snyder TX White Buffalo Bikefest 325-573-3558

For our dinner rides, meet at Stripes across the street from Warfield at 7:00, leave 7:15.

Sept 4 T-Twister General Meeting Warfield 7:30
Sept 11 Mi Piachi's Italian Food E. University and Grandview
Sept 22 Officers meeting Warfield 7:00
Sept 25 Casa Lopez Midland
Last but not least, Grandparents Day is the 13th of Sept. Most of us are grandparents so I want to wish you all a Happy Grandparents Day in advance!
When I say "I'm a Christian", I'm not bragging of success, I'm admitting that I've failed and need God to clean my mess.
Remember, what we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.

That's it for this month.
Ride safe and keep the shiny side up.
Mel's report of their Vacation:

Well we made it back safe and sound from our Vacation, we didn't kill each other nor anyone else kill us. Kwick Kamp sure is nice, quick and easy, makes camping so much more fun, especially when moving to different camp sites every day. It was such a pain putting up tent and everything when we did that. Still takes awhile to break camp but I know we could be faster if we wanted to. I liked being lazy. Only Place we set up and did a base camp was at Hannigan's Meadow on Hwy 191 in AZ elevation 9000ft Anyone been there???
Well it was beautiful for sure and the ride up there on 191 also known as the devils hwy was incredible. I mean my tummy use to get quizzy in Cloudcroft and Ruidoso due to heights but after those mountains on 191 I shouldn't have a problem with Ruidoso or Cloudcroft any more. The road had real sharp turns...no shoulder, no guardrails and shear drop offs...There were signs at one point no Trailers allowed, they just would not be able to make some of the turns...(switchbacks). So we survived the Devils Hwy (use to be Hwy 666 till name was changed to 191). I so wanted to base camp so it would not be a get up and pack every day and move on. Than just ride on motorcycle around the area, but when we did base camp at the Meadow, in came the rain and cold, making it miserable. So, late on second day we decided to pack up wet and go get a motel in Alpine, AZ It was lower in elevation so wasn't really raining there but still was cool, Than headed for home...It took us 4 days to get to Hannigans meadow but only one day coming back I think it was like 13 hours or something. Iron Butt ride?. I kept wanting to stop get a room but Mike wanted to come on in when it was cool but I was so tired. I think we pulled in to Odessa about 1:00am Sat. morning. Had rest of Sat. & Sun to recover before going back to work.
Besides trees and mountains one of the most awesome thing was a copper mine at Cliffton AZ. It was this HUGH hole in ground, with sides of mountains stripped away to where you could see the rock. It was like 2 miles or more. I so wanted to take pictures but we were so hot!! It was 102 there and we had just come across desert to get there, so we were too miserable to stop. We came back a different way so didn't get pictures. I sure regret it. I looked it up on the Internet but the pictures did not do it justice. I would have liked to take a tour if they do that.
Oh let me tell you the story about the porta potty we got. I had grilled Jan as to what kind to get and she recommended a neat one but Mike wanted one that had aluminum legs and a plastic seat that you pop on, so we got that. Said it would be much lighter and quicker for emergencies. Well first time I went to use it, it collapsed on me...Thank goodness it was before what could have been a messy mess.... well, than it collapsed on Mike later. Than at another camp site it collapsed on me again....Well guess what!!!! it's history!!!!

Oh, Jan, from some of your pictures you sent me I saw where you had a hummingbird feeder set up. There were hummingbirds everywhere up at the meadow so think I'll carry a small one if we do any base camping in the future. The restaurant there at the Meadow had huge feeders on the porch and talk about 100's of hummingbirds or sure seemed that way. What was incredible unlike ours at home, these were not fighting over food. They have such a short summer maybe they have to get along
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PostSubject: Re: Sept. Newsletter   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:53 am

Great newsletter and thanks for posting all the dates etc. - that will prove very helpful in keeping up with everything.

Screaming Eagle
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Sept. Newsletter
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